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Digitalize your company’s materials knowledge and apply it across the enterprise: when and where you need it.

CES Selector

The standard tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties.

Data Products

A comprehensive library of property information for metals, plastics, composites, ceramics.

CES EduPack

World-leading resources for materials teaching in engineering, science, and design.

General Motors

“After we finish each project, we go back and check that we have met our metrics. So far, we are about 50% of the way through the project and have met all of our metrics.”

Saudi Aramco

“We are very new in our usage of the software, but in this very short time it has brought some very beneficial results.”

University of Cambridge

“CES EduPack works not just as a stand-alone selection system, but as a resource to create graphics and information that can be integrated into broader lectures and student exercises.”